Community Zoning

All local communities in Medina County have jurisdiction over their own zoning.  The following links will redirect visitors to local community zoning web pages, zoning regulations, and zoning maps if available.


Brunswick Hills Township – Under Construction
Chatham Township Zoning
Granger Township Zoning
Granger Township Zoning Resolution
Granger Township Zoning Map
Guilford Township – Click on “Zoning” for Resolution
Harrisville Township Zoning
Harrisville Township Resolution
Harrisville Township Map
Hinckley Township Zoning
Hinckley Township Zoning Resolution
Hinckley Township Map
Lafayette Township Zoning
Lafayette Township Zoning Resolution
Lafayette Township Zoning Map, not available
Medina Township Zoning
Medina Township Zoning Resolution
Medina Township Zoning Map
Montville Township Zoning
Montville Township Zoning Resolution
Montville Township Zoning Map
Sharon Township Zoning Information
Sharon Township Zoning Resolution
Spencer Township, no website
Wadsworth Township Zoning
Wadsworth Township Zoning Resolution
Wadsworth Township Map, not available
Westfield Township Zoning
Westfield Township Resolution
Westfield Township Map
York Township Zoning
York Township Resolution
York Township Map

Cities and Villages

Brunswick City
Brunswick City Codified Ordinances
Medina City
Medina City Codified Ordinances
Rittman City Zoning
Rittman City Codified Ordinances
Rittman City Map
 Wadsworth City
Wadsworth City Codified Ordinances
Wadsworth City Codified Ordinances updates
Chippewa Lake Village Zoning
Chippewa Lake Village Zoning Book
Chippewa Lake Village Zoning Map
Gloria Glens Village Information, includes Ordinances
Gloria Glens Village Zoning Book
Gloria Glens Village Zoning Map
Lodi Village , Scroll down for Ordinances
Seville Village Zoning
Seville Village Zoning Ordinances Book
Seville Village Zoning Map